Parma residence

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Parma Residence functional and comfortable

The elegant Parma Residence Liberty is located in a central area of the ducal city, in Piazzale Salvo D'Acquisto, a few minutes from the main train station.
The proximity to Piazza Garibaldi, the very heart of the Parma region, means this is a fantastic place for any type of stay, long or short it may be.
One of the best features of these apartments and rooms is their ability to make you feel at home, thanks to their warm and welcoming ambience, yet modern and full of comforts. They are easy to reach and an ideal stopping point before setting off to new destinations.
Students and young people will find this residence perfect as it is so close to the university, families will be able to dive into sightseeing, discovering monuments and visiting places of interest, while businessmen will appreciate it because its tranquillity and its conducive enviroment for work .
A solution for everyone, complemented by many services, comfortable common areas, laundry and ironing facilities, affordable rates and impeccable cleanliness.